The Durham Brewery

A holiday in Northumbria introduced us to the Durham Brewery – first bottle acquired on Lindisfarne….     the-durham-brewery

Journeying back south, we stopped off at the tiny brewery, just outside the city of Durham, and bought a range of their beers – all excellent.  It has just the right touch of quirkiness to make it of real interest!

This is how they describe themselves: “We believe that beer should be an experience in its own right. Too long it has languished as a nondescript alcoholic beverage; hops and malt subservient to the blandifying efforts of the big brewers. Have you ever reached the half pint mark and been overwhelmed by boredom? The Durham Brewery creates an experience that banishes boredom, enlivens the tastebuds and makes you want to have another. The Durham Experience uses the infinite combinations of malt, hops and yeast to give the ultimate in modern beer sensations. Traditional skills are employed to make beers from malt from a floor maltings and whole hops from around the world. Discover an ever evolving range of beers within our site. Some have been made since our inception and others are brand new. Between cask and bottle-conditioned, we believe that our range is at the cutting edge of beer flavours whilst retaining the traditional character of English ales.


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