Freeplay’s latest radio

Freeplay has done some great things to develop the use of radio in developing countries. See, for example, the Lifeline Radio support by the Freeplay Foundation

c1-smallTheir latest product, the “Companion” is “… a radio, a flashlight, and a cellphone charger, all in a unit that’s only 125 mm long (4.9″) and 230 g (8 oz).  It has a solar panel and a crank so you’ll never run out of power, and you’ll never have to buy disposable batteries”.  As they go on to say, “This compact, robust radio boasts a rubberized body with recessed control knobs for impact resistance and comfort.  Big on functionality, but small in size, the Companion is a radio, a flashlight and a cellphone charger that fits easily into your bag, your glove box or your drawer – ready when you need it, where you need it.  The AM/FM radio has an earphone socket for personal listening.  The flashlight has 3 LEDs with optics optimized for a focused light.  The integrated cell phone charger means that you’ll never be out of touch because of dead batteries. Offering a choice of self-charge, solar and external recharge power options, the Companion delivers complete independence from wall power or disposable batteries while ensuring sustainable access to information and entertainment.  Freeplay’s patented self-charge technology means excellent reliability.  A 1-minute wind gives you 20 minutes of radio listening at normal volume, or 30 minutes of light, and you can wind some more at any time for as much play time / shine time as you want.  An LED charge level indicator tells you the best speed to wind”.

It’s a great piece of kit, and at just under £10 could have a significant impact in parts of the world where mobile telephony networks are not yet available.


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