Dr. Til Schönherr – in memoriam

til_ijssel_h192It is with  very great sadness that I have recently learnt of Til Schönherr’s untimely and sudden death.  Til was project manager for eLearning strategy, media-didactic advice and training at InWEnt, Capacity Building International, Germany – a great enthusiast for the potential of eLearning to make a significant impact on development agendas, a generous and open colleague, and someone from whom I learnt a great deal.  He joined InWEnt’s E-Learning-Center in 2003, where he conceived and developed the “Capacity Building for e-Learning ” programme, and amongst his many activities, he played a leading role in the development of Global Campus 21, was enthusiastic about building collaborative partnerships with cognate organisations, was an active supporter of the e-Learning Africa conferences, and generously shared his time and insight with younger or less experienced colleagues.  Above all, I remember his intellectual generosity, the warmth of his handshake, the smile on his face, and the sharpness of his mind.  He was one of the people who contributed most over the last decade to our understanding of how to use e-Learning effectively in development practice – he will be very sorely missed.  Thanks Til for all you gave us.



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3 responses to “Dr. Til Schönherr – in memoriam

  1. John Kimotho - Kenya Institute of Education

    I celebrate the three days of my life that I meet Til in Berlin. He taught me to be great friends and belif in each other.
    When I remember Til, I remember the genorosity of MIND. Open contribution of good stretegies to help others because we are one.
    Thank you Til. the three days were a blessing!

  2. μαρια μουρελατου

    ολοι εμεις εδω στο ληξουρι κεφαλλονιας λυπουμαστε γιατι χασαμε εναν παρα πολυ καλο φιλο…….. ……..παντα θα τον θυμομαστε με χαμογελο και αγαπη!!!!!!!

  3. unwin

    I think this is an approximate translation of the above: “All of us here in Lixouri Kefallonia regret because we lost a great friend …….. …….. always will remember to smile and love !!!!!!!”

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