Kenya – political tensions rising

The latest news from Kenya is not good.  The UK Times yesterday reported the cold blooded killings of Oscar Kamau Kingara, a human rights activit, and John Paul Oulu just outside the University of Nairobi’s halls of residence.  Apparently, they were ambushed in rush hour traffic and shot repeatedly by their killers who then sped away in two cars.

As the report continued, ‘“The human rights community in Kenya holds the Government fully and wholly responsible for the assassinations,” said Cyprian Nyamwamu, of the Kenya Human Rights Consortium. The police deny any government responsibility for the murders. The Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, condemned the killings and warned that the country was at crisis point. “We are hurtling towards failure as a state,” he said’.

It was the violence and bloodshed in Kenya at the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 that first persuaded me of the value of blogs – let us hope that the growing unrest in the country does not lead to another spate of bloodletting.


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  1. mpisha

    Hallo Tim,
    I come from Kenya but currently studying abroad.The situation in Kenya at the moment is all about Impunity,that is the hottest selling word in kenya.
    It dorminates all culture and race;the people in power have had the ability to commit crime and get away with it.The two activists were part of the on-going fight against impunity,extra-judicial killings.All i can say,it has not gone out of hand.The problem at the moment is the power-sharing which part of the coalition say they have been short-changed.
    We hope very soon justice will surpass everything and we regain our good reputation and status.


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