Emmanuel Jal at Africa Gathering

Emmanuel Jal smallEmmanuel Jal gave a moving rap-rendering and also a more formal account of his life as a child soldier in southern Sudan at today’s Africa Gathering in London.

Amongst his many activities, he is currently actively seeking sponsorship for educational activities in Sudan and Kenya.  The mission of his charity Gua Africa is “to work with individuals, families and communities to help them overcome the effects of war and poverty. Each of our projects focus on providing an education to children and young adults who would otherwise be denied such opportunity. Currently our work is in Kenya and Sudan, however in the future we would like to expand into other areas of Sub-Saharan Africa – working with other experienced partner organisations where ever opportunities arise”.

(video of his recent talk at TED) (Emmanuel Jal on MySpace)



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2 responses to “Emmanuel Jal at Africa Gathering

  1. Education is one of Sudan’s tickets out of poverty since poverty is fought by education, healthcare and jobs. Since most of sub-Saharan Africa has many more issues to tackle like poverty, AIDS scourge, illiteracy and civil wars. Instead of the governments using funds to indulge in increased military spending, governments in partnership with both local and international organizations should come together to bolster better standards in education that students receive. If the illiteracy level is not checked, this would undermine the past and future years of both economic and political progress that Sub-Saharan so badly desires.

  2. Thao

    Wow! Cool photo!

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