Street Child World Cup, March 2010

logoBringing the football World Cup to South Africa provides an opportunity to highlight both the good and the not-so-good of that beautiful country.

The Umthombo team who have been working with street children in Durban over the last decade are using this opportunity to draw attention to the plight of street children across the world. More importantly, though, this event highlights the skills and successes of children living and working on the streets, as well as schemes that can really support them to achieve their potentials.

The Street Child World Cup team notes the following: “Street children from eight countries will come together to play football and find their voices through the game they love. The Street Child World Cup will place street children centre stage, celebrating their potential and providing a platform for them to talk about their experiences, rights and ideas. Street children will work with international coaches to express themselves on the football pitch and with specially trained artists, who will enable them to tell their stories and to be heard. They will launch a campaign to win rights for street children all over the world.

  • The Street Child World Cup will use this game, which is loved all over the world, to help give kids a fairer deal. No child should have to be on the streets.
    Gary Lineker, speaking at the Street Child World Cup launch

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