Apple iPhone insurance scam – with a happy outcome!

How’s this for an interesting scam?

  • My daughter’s iPhone (in fully functioning order) falls out of her pocket on the kitchen floor.  The screen cracks (despite a rubber cover and a silicone protector on the front) and the ‘phone stops working
  • I ‘phone up our insurance company, and they say “Take it in to an Apple shop and get them to write a report – if it says it is not reparable we will refund, but you will need to pay £50 excess and lose 33% of your no-claims bonus”
  • So, my wife takes it in to an Apple shop in Cambridge, and they confirm in writing that it needs replacement – but they add that there is liquid inside the ‘phone.
  • On reading our insurance policy I note that it says that ‘phones are not covered for liquid damage. However, the ‘phone had never been submerged in liquid and was working fine before the glass broke when it fell on the floor. The reason it had stopped working was nothing at all to do with liquid. But by writing that there was liquid in the iPhone, Apple invalidates our insurance!
  • The Apple shop also notes that they will replace it for £139 since it is out of guarantee – which is VERY much less than a new replacement iPhone would cost (£449).
  • So, if we pay Apple only £89 more than the £50 we would need to pay as excess charge to our insurance company, we can get a new iPhone, and not lose our no claims bonus.  Theoretically we should be happy, and Apple would get the direct benefit of our payment as well as another sale!
  • However, this is completely WRONG.  The ‘phone had never been in contact with liquid (other perhaps than sweat) – possibly some moisture had come in subsequently as a result of the crack in the glass, but any presence of liquid was nothing to do with why the ‘phone was not working!  We should be able to get a new ‘phone simply for the £50 excess on our insurance policy! But Apple invalidated our insurance claim by saying that there was liquid in it!

So, now the bright side of the story:

  • My daughter then took the iPhone into the Apple shop in Southampton – and persuaded them to look at the ‘phone again
  • Guess what?  Yes, they found that the problem was nothing to do with liquid, but as we knew all along was a result of the cracked screen!
  • So, they repaired it (for the magical £139) and we are now sending off their report to our insurance company for the claim!

Thanks Apple Southampton!!



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5 responses to “Apple iPhone insurance scam – with a happy outcome!

  1. That sounds like questionable practices from the first shop. Just as well the Southampton shop had the decency to look at the real issue and get it sorted. I hope you get the money back from the insurance.
    FYI – If you had a specialist iPhone insurance policy most (as our does) include water damage – which is actually quite a big killer of iPhones – so even if there had really been liquid in the iPhone it would not have been a show stopper.

  2. Gena

    It’s always worth a second opinion!

  3. I’m glad you’re story had a happy ending and as Gena says its always worth getting a second opinion! Apparently Apple put something in their products which reacts with moisture so they can tell straight away if the problem moisture related.

  4. tim fresh

    iPhones do have two moisture sensors in them but even humid conditons can set them off, it is always cheapest to find an independent iPhone repair company for a screen repair i used is was very cheap and back within 24 hours!

  5. Its funny how many people that have had a bad experience by accidentally damaging or losing their iPhones that are now insuring them. For just a few pounds a month an iPhone can be covered for all eventualities. At my site you can compare quotes from different insurers to find the best deal. Sorry for the blatant plug by the way….

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