Entourage glitches

I don’t seem to have much luck using Entourage (version 12.2.5) (yes, of course I am a Mac user) with OS 10.6.4 – and connecting to the university’s Exchange server !  So, as I manage to resolve issues I thought it might be helpful to others to post some useful tips.

Problems receiving e-mails:

  • If you can send e-mails OK, and all of your account settings are fine, this is most probably a cache issue
  • Go to the Inbox on Entourage, control click and access Folder Properties
  • Then simply click on Empty Cache [OK – any items that are not synchronised with the Exchange server will be lost, but it’s about your only way to resolve this]
  • But this solution has worked a couple of times recently [thanks to Matthew Convery for discovering it for me!]

When things go really wrong:

  • remember that Time Machine does not really back up your Entourage database effectively
  • about the only solution is to try to rebuild your database
  • In the past, I have been unlucky with this, but recently leaving the rebuild to sort itself out overnight did the trick, and the rebuilt database works
  • Mind you, the best solution is periodically to back up your Entourage database.  This is located in Documents – Microsoft User Data – Office 2008 Identities – Main Identity – Database [Entourage really does not like it when this file gets to around 10 GB!]

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