Putting the USA in its place

Am I the only one who gets infuriated when I hear citizens of the USA referring to themselves as Americans, as though the only Americans in the world are US citizens?  America is a continent, indeed for some two continents: South America and North America.  Guatemalans, Canadians, Argentinians, Brazilians, Peruvians are all Americans.  We therefore need to invent a new word to refer to citizens of the USA, and their language.

Perhaps we should all start referring to USans (as in Jamaicans but from the USA),  USish (as in English or Spanish) and USese (as in Portuguese).  The trouble is that these do not roll easily off the tongue!  However, at least it might begin to stop the rot.  Why do so many US citizens really  think that they have a natural born right to rule the world!  If we stop calling them Americans, it might make them think twice about the real place of the USA.

Britain once imposed its rule over much of the world, but most of us born here now realise the perils of imperialism. By encouraging USans to realise that they  come from a relatively small country lacking in culture and history, we might actually be doing them a huge favour, helping them to find their true place in the world – not as an aggressor seeking to impose one particular vision of so-called democracy on the rest of the world, but instead as a peaceful neighbour seeking to do good.  After all, the USA has merely 4.5% of the world’s population, and is dwarfed by China with 19.5% and India with 17.3%.  When China and India take their rightful places as world leaders, what will poor USans do then? At the very least, the next time you hear a US citizen referring to themselves as an American, do ask whether they come from Ecuador, Venezuela or Costa Rica and see what the reaction is!


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6 responses to “Putting the USA in its place

  1. ugomatic

    Good point – such a word is absent in English, but it exists elsewhere. In Italian for example, we have the adjective “statunitense” which means “of the USA”, although people often confuse it with “americano”…

    • unwin

      Thanks so much – definitely another word to add to my vocabulary!!!!!

      • Hi Tim, Hi Hugo

        I fully agree! My elementary school teacher (in C.R) used to say the same.

        Also in Spanish the nationality is ‘Estadounidenses’ but people often say ‘Americanos’

        Ciao da Roma 😉


  2. The problem is that they really don’t have a country name and the only denomination their founding fathers could agree on was that they were going to be independent states that would stand together for the time being. If the United Kingdom would have had more sense and vision, this would never have happened. “United Stateans” (which really doesn’t mean anything beyond) can call themselves anything they want because they rule the world, politically, economically and militarily; the Chinese and Indians, even with more money and cultural heritage, are playing by their rules, and even though I see the point, it’s just not going to happen. The US has found it’s place and is really quite comfortable in it.

  3. As an enlightened U.S. citizen, I too have lamented the lack of a nationality moniker. I personally prefer USian or United Stateser! 🙂

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