Religious faith in the UK

A recent report in The Times highlights that almost 80% of people in Britain describe themselves as having a religious faith:

“More than seven out of ten people in Britain describe themselves as Christian, according to government research. Nearly eight in ten have a religious faith. The number of trainee clergy in the Roman Catholic and Church of England is also approaching record levels, according to figures released yesterday. The first Office for National Statistics household survey recorded Christianity at 71.4 per cent, Judaism at 0.6 per cent, Islam at 4.2 per cent and Hinduism at 1.5 per cent. Sikhism was 0.7 per cent and Buddhism 0.4 per cent. Slough is the most religious town in England, where 93 per cent profess a religious belief, while Brighton is the least, with 58 per cent”.



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2 responses to “Religious faith in the UK

  1. I don’t mean to be mean but it comes to my surprise that The Times sorts not the results of the Office for National Statistics according to their scores but according to some other criteria.

    Thus, Judaism is presented 2nd after Christianity, though strictly sticking to data should put it in 5th position, just before Buddhism.

    “Well, but Judaism is more popular”: no, it is not. According to data it is the 5th more popular. That’s what popularity is about.

  2. Sileide France Turan Salvador


    I just read your presentation about religion and Britain. I would like to know your personal opinion, not about popularity but on the connection between faith and development of a country. What is your vision about it?
    My Best Wishes

    Sileide France Turan Salvador

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