Feeding in the scrum

Am I the only one who is utterly fed up with the way in which blatant feeding in the scrum is not penalised by referees?  Being in Edinburgh yesterday, I couldn’t resist watching part of the match between Scotland and New Zealand (more entertaining than wading through draft PhD theses!), and time and again Cowan was putting the ball in almost behind his hooker’s feet!

Law 20.6 (d) states that “The scrum half must throw in the ball straight along the middle line, so that it first touches the ground immediately beyond the width of the nearer prop’s shoulders”.

In effect, feeding the ball to your own hooker – or indeed second row – means that there is little skill left in hooking, and very little real competition in the scrum.  I remember years ago as a scrum half, trying my best to keep the ball straight – and being penalised by referees whenever it went slightly astray. If referees are no longer going to penalise feeding, then there seems little real point in having scrums at all, and one might as well just give the ball to the scrum half of the side to which the scrum is awarded!


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