Day 2 at ICTD2010

Wow!  Time passes so fast when you are enjoying yourself!!  We had some excellent and thought provoking papers at ICTD2010 on Day 2.  Here is just a selection of some of the photographs I took throughout the earlier parts of the day, not only of the plenary sessions but also of the great posters and demos.  Thanks to everyone for their commitment and enthusiasm in contributing to these diverse modalities of representing their research.

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Oh yes, and I just wanted to add that the conference App is indeed available for all smartphones – through the Web App – and I very much want to thank oMbiel and campusM for the work that they did in putting the structure together and providing this to the conference for free as a partner.  If you have any complaints about the content, then that’s definitely my fault since I did this – and yes, the wake up calls and alerts you get on the App do indeed come from my laptop!

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  1. Is there one topic that stood out? Or is there a presenter who really stood out in your eyes at the conference?


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