Scholarship holders at ICTD2010

Through the generosity of the sponsors of ICTD2010, we were able to make more than 100 offers of scholarships, most of which covered flights, accommodation and registration.  This was an absolutely central part of our agenda in putting together the conference, because we wanted to create an opportunity for all of us to learn from each other.  It was therefore great to see so many colleagues from Africa, Asia and Latin America attending, and the rich diversity of our scholarship holders is reflected in the pictures below

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4 responses to “Scholarship holders at ICTD2010

  1. Fred Rusdhi

    Probably the best early Christmas presents to all the lucky ones! Congratulations to all of them and I’m sure ICTD2010 is a great experience!
    However, just for an example – while someone (not mentioning the name) without any publication and could afford travelling Europe after conference – received and someone originally from a developing country with something to present was denied. Not trying to raise the issue here, as it’s pointless.. but definitely the process was not fair.

  2. unwin

    Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry that you feel this way. Our criteria for selecting scholarship awardees were as transparent and clear as we could make them. Full details are given on the ICTD2010 site (, and you can see the distribution of awards to people from different countries there. The vast majority of scholarships went to people from what you describe as ‘developing’ countries. As the photographs here also indicate, there is a rich ethnic diversity among those people who received awards.

  3. I was one of the unfortunates ones who had its scholarship application denied.
    Even with a bitter taste in my mouth because of the great opportunity that I just lost, I’m confident that the processes was fair and transparent. I had nothing to present in the conference and I can understand why was my application denied
    I will not let this happen again, and I hope to be there at ICTD 2011 with a shine new paper to present to you all.

  4. unwin

    Hi Juan – sorry you were not able to make it, and I do hope that your application will be successful for the next conference. In the meanwhile, if you want to listen to some of the conference papers and sessions, do look at the material at .

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