Andalucia Field Course Day 3 – Valle Tropical

The third day of our undergraduate field course in Andalucia took us to the villages of Otivar and Jete in the Valle Tropical to the north of Almunécar.  It provided a vivid reminder that geography is about all of the senses:

  • sights: the mountains, valleys, diversity of crops (from chirimoyas and bananas to vines and beans), tourist apartments, hang gliders…
  • sounds: birds, goats, dogs, children at school, cars driving along the motorway cutting across the valley…
  • tastes: the local wine, solomillo de cerdo (in the great Buena Vista restaurant in Otivar), asparagus in vegetable broth with bits of ham
  • smells: wild lavender and fennel; burning rubbish…
  • touch: steering wheels, the roughness of the schist and avocado skins

Thanks Mike and Alex

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