Survey of mobile learning use by students

While in China recently, I was working with a group of colleagues to explore how students (undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral) there are using mobile phones in support of their learning.  We designed a survey that is now being implemented to gain a broad understanding of such usage. Much previous research has focused on the effectiveness of specific ‘m-learning’ interventions, but what interests us is how students may (or may not) be using mobile ‘phones in a sense ‘organically’ to support their learning.

The idea then came that it would be very interesting to draw some international comparisons about the use of mobile learning, and so we have developed a short online survey that takes only between 10 and 15 minutes to complete. It would be great if you could circulate this link to any students that you know, and encourage them to complete the survey:

We would also like to make the survey available in different languages, and if there is anyone who might feel able to translate it into their own languages please let me know, so that I could send you a version in a text format for translation.  Any such assistance would of course be acknowledged with thanks in the reports that we write!

Do please publicise this as widely as possible.  Hopefully, the survey will be interesting for students to participate in!  The results will be posted in due course at .


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