On returning to Beijing…

For my first couple of days back here in Beijing, I had difficulty connecting to my WordPress account, but have at last found a way to do so, and can catch up on my digital thoughts.  The contrasts with my visit in the spring:

  • the cacophony of sound from invisible animals/insects in the trees in the evenings – amazing walking around Weiming lake
  • it is so much hotter (temperature today around 30 C) and more humid (only currently around 62%; data thanks to Weather Underground)!
  • I’ve never seen so many people using umbrellas as parasols to protect themselves from the sun
  • almost half the people on the subway/underground/metro seem to be using their mobile ‘phones, albeit often for games (somewhat more than I reckoned in the spring)
  • bicycles and motorised tricycles as ever carrying a diversity of goods across the university campus
  • very, very few people seem to be wearing watches – how do they tell the time?
  • last time I had not noticed all of the trackways for blind people crossing the city, but all too often they are blocked or eroded and I have never seen a blind person using them…

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  1. great pictures! people now use cell phones to tell the time. 🙂

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