Olympics hockey 2012 – night and day

We were among the thousands who did not get any tickets in the first round of applications for the 2012 Olympics, but were fortunate enough to get tickets for several of the hockey matches at the Riverbank Stadium – enabling us to see the Olympic Park both during the night (7th August – seeing GB (1) draw with Spain (1) and  New Zealand (5) draw with Germany (5)) and also during the scorching hot day (9th August – watching New Zealand (3) beat Argentina (1) and Pakistan (3) beat South Korea (2)).

The pictures below seek to catch something of the diversity and beauty of the London Olympics.

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  1. Hi Tim.

    I didn’t expect to see anything of the Olympics (except they carried the torch down my road so I saw that). I was lucky enough to be unexpectedly taken along yesterday to see the BMX trials (wow and ouch!) Fortunately my companions had been before and scheduled exploring the site as well. It was so sunny I struggled to take photos on my phone – but I was assured I’d find them all on the web afterwards – and – yes you’ve done it … including the wild flowers!

    BTW – Anyone got photos of the telephone box art installations? Can anyone explain to me how that amazing “waterfall of words” works?

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