Reclaiming ICT4D

I am so relieved to have finished the first draft of my new book on ICT4D to be entitled “Reclaiming Information and Communication Technologies for Development” which is to be published by Oxford University Press.  Now it is time to redraft and revise it in the light of all of the helpful comments that I have received from colleagues and friends – for which many thanks.  Somehow, I also need to cut it in length, which is proving to be much more difficult than I had anticipated!

It is always fun to create wordles just to try to capture the essence of a book in an image, and so I thought I would share this to provide an overview of what I have written – and of course to whet potential readers’ appetitites.  I guess that most of what I had hoped for has indeed been revealed, but of course the image does not capture the emphasis or the way in which I have referred to particular themes!  It is good, though, to see the emphasis on people, development and ICTs!

ICT4DwordleFor those who would like a little more detail, this is the provisional Table of Contents – subject of course to revision:

  1. A critical reflection on ICTs and ‘Development’
    • A ‘critical’ approach to ICTs for development
    • Understanding ‘Development’
    • ICT4D in theory and practice
    • Reclaiming ICT for Development (ICT4D)
  1. Understanding the technologies
    • An ever more converged and miniaturized digital world: technological and business implications
    • Spectrum and their management
    • From fixed line to wireless communication
    • From voice to data: impacts of the digital transition
    • On Openness and being Free
    • Social Media and Over The Top services
    • 5G and the Internet of Things
    • Incubators, Digital Hubs and App Development
    • The importance of a technical understanding
  1. The international policy arena of ICTs and Internet Governance
    • Stakeholders in the international ICT arena
    • The World Summit on the Information Society and the evolution of ICT4D multi-stakeholder dialogue in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals
    • The differing interests of multi-stakeholderism: the ITU, ICANN and the IGF
    • The future of multi-stakeholderism and interests in the Internet
  1. Partnerships in ICT4D: rhetoric and reality
    • The idea of partnerships in development
    • The emergence of Public-Private Partnerships
    • ICT4D partnerships: a good case still remains
    • Delivering effective multi-sector partnerships
  1. From regulation to facilitation: the role of ICT and Telecommunication Regulators in a converging world
    • A balance of interests
    • Technical aspects of ICT and telecommunication regulation
    • Universal Service and Access Funds
    • The challenge of revenue generation
    • New models of facilitation in the interests of the poor
  1. Reflections on the dark side of ICT4D
    • Privacy and security
    • The dark side
    • From ‘cybersecurity’ to resilience
    • The big con: social media, Google and Big Data
    • Dehumanization: cyborgs and the Internet of Things
    • In the interests of the poor and marginalized
  1. …in the interests of the poorest and most marginalized
    • ICTs and empowerment
    • Technical options for empowering the poor and marginalized
    • The role of governments and international organisations
    • The power of multi-sector partnerships
    • The Dark Side: managing security and resilience
    • Enhanced learning, understanding and action
    • Reclaiming ICTs for development


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7 responses to “Reclaiming ICT4D

  1. Very interesting approach and willing to have a copy… 🙂

  2. what does ict4d need to be reclaimed from?

    • unwin

      It needs reclaiming from all those who have turned it into D4ICT – Development for ICTs! The book argues that ICTs are enhancing inequalities in the world, rather than reducing them!

      • ok, i look forward to reading it. as someone from the ICT / Information side i have felt sidelined on ICT4D. most ICT4D are failing because basic ICT / IS principles are not being applied

  3. Tim, I hope it wouldn’t be a one-sided account. I do agree with you that in several cases ICT has contributed to inequalities, but at the same time, it has contributed the other way around too!
    Life is analog and not digital – who would know it better than you!
    Anxiously looking forward!!!

    • unwin

      Thanks – indeed I hope it won’t be too one-sided – as most other ICt4D publications are!!! By highlighting the challenges, and offering potential solutions, rather than just seeing technology as a silver bullet, I hope I have written a more nuanced and thus valuable account!!!

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