Small towns and villages in South Bihar and West Bengal, 1976 and 1977

Continuing digitizing the slides from my research and travels in India in 1976 and 1977, I share here some pictures of small towns and villages in what was then South Bihar (now Jharkhand) and West Bengal.  These include pictures of the towns of Chaibasa and Chakradharpur, as well as several villages in this beautiful part of India.  I remember particularly the paintings on the walls of the houses in the villages, and some of the writing on them as well, not least the slogan “Fight for malaria”! The pictures here also show the sadness of smallpox, with the solitary gravestone, and also other such stones which I was told marked village boundaries.  There are also images of tile and brick making, and the sequence closes with a village school, which I had forgotten about but now makes me think of all of the other schools, particularly in Africa, that I have visited in the last 15 or so years.   Other rural, agricultural scenes will follow in a future post!

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8 responses to “Small towns and villages in South Bihar and West Bengal, 1976 and 1977

  1. lenandlar

    Thanks a lot for sharing these bits. Here I am trying to imagine 100 or so years back about what life was like in those parts for my great grandparents and the rest of my family (who I never know and may never will) who came as immigrants.

    Also I wonder if you had any dreams of sharing these in a space like we have today. The WWW was a full 12 years or so away from being actualized tho the Internet was a couple years on.

    • unwin

      I used to share these images as slides with my students – not quite as global in their reach, but certainly more ‘personal’. I just wanted to share them now because it was so long ago, and I don’t think there are many images of these places then that are now publicly available!

      • lenandlar

        Yes one would be hard pressed to find pics thru the same lenses you looked or similar. We are happy to have you share them with us.

  2. lenandlar

    Incidentally, about the time when I was born in the late 70s our local villages were so very similar. But oh how things have changed from the 90s onward and especially much more in the last decade or so. So had I been born there life might have had a similar beginning at least (what an imagination).

    • unwin

      So – when are we actually going to be able to meet in person – I feel we have so much that we share in common!

      • lenandlar

        Maybe one day when I decide to visit England again. I want to come sometime sooner than later. Or maybe when you come to the Caribbean again we can arrange for a meet up. Lots to talk about for sure

      • unwin

        Let’s find a way for me to visit you in the Caribbean! I’m really sorry that I never made it to Guyana when I was in the CTO.

      • lenandlar

        That would be awesome for you to come if we can find a way.

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