Indexing “Reclaiming ICT4D”

I always enjoy indexing my own books, although it can at times be brain-numbingly tedious!  So, I have spent the last few days proof-reading Reclaiming ICT4D, and at the same time constructing the index!  It has taken much longer than I had anticipated, but I am delighted that it really does capture the essence of what I have tried to write about.  It is always fascinating to see the juxtaposition of words: “holistic” next to “honour killings”; “operators” next to “oppression”; and “poverty” next to “power”…  However, having just finished it, I now wonder just how many people ever actually read indexes!

Anyway, for those who want to know what the book is really about, I am therefore posting the index for everyone to see if their favourite ICT4D topic is included – and a glimpse of part of it is shared below!  I very much hope that you find something of interest in it!

Now it will only be a few months for OUP to print the book!



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7 responses to “Indexing “Reclaiming ICT4D”

  1. charleslongxuyen

    Professor Butler, Zoology, Royal Holloway College, advised looking at the figures of an unfamiliar book to see if they were interesting, then look through the index, pick out a couple of terms you are familier with and looking at the text, does it make sense or is it confusing, check the contents page next and only then deciding if you should spend time reading it. For me the index is the key, so I’m looking forward to your book’s index Tim.

  2. Aman Grewal

    Open Data 166-7 Oppression 28-9 sounds like my last 7 years 🙂

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