Reclaiming ICT4D – output from workshop at WSIS 2017

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to our workshop this morning at WSIS Forum 2017 in Geneva on what we need to do to ensure that the poorest and most marginalised can indeed be empowered through the use of ICTs.

Reclaiming small

Our co-created mindmap is available here in .pdf format and by clicking on the image below:

Reclaiming small

A special thank you to our panel:

  • Alex Wong (Head, Global Challenge Partnerships & Member of the Executive Committee; Head of the Future of the Internet Global Challenge Initiative, World Economic Forum) on The power of partnership
  • Dr. Bushra Hassan (School of Psychology, University of Sussex) on The wisdom of marginalised women
  • Charlotte Smart (Digital Policy and Programme Manager, Department for International Development, UK) on The delivery of donors
  • Michael Kende (Senior Advisor, Analysis Mason, and former Chief Economist of the Internet Society) on The trust in technology
  • Nigel Hickson (VP IGO Engagement, ICANN) on The design of the domain name system
  • Torbjörn Fredriksson (Head of ICT Analysis Section of the Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD) on The energy of entrepreneurship

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One response to “Reclaiming ICT4D – output from workshop at WSIS 2017

  1. Pamela McLean

    I appreciate the mindmap. I’d like to use it as a tool to help structure our conversation when we are next able to meet.

    The map could be a great way to explore how the current work I’m doing (in collaboration with others of course) overlaps your areas of concern and those of others at WSIS2017. It’s also an excellent reminder of the contents of your book, in the way the map covers some of the key issues that you write about in depth.

    For an example of overlap – we are doing work on podcasts, smart phones, community radio and the Internet. Our initial work is already including hard-to-reach locations in Nigeria and Ethiopia. Given our work also connects with aspects of “entertainment and social media” (which the map points to as initial drivers) that was one of several good starting points for discussion that leapt out at me.

    I hope you’ll let me know when you might be in Central or East London with time for a coffee and a catch up. If East London there is a community/knowledge-creation space connected with tech and people and innovation that I love and that may be new to you where we could meet.

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