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Musical interlude

… thought I would use this space to provide links to the great music being produced by some of my friends:

  • Bill Fleming – did a Master’s degree with us at Royal Holloway, and then went on to a PhD at Aberystwyth – but guess his heart is really in Georgia!  He introduced me to the music of Austin, Texas, and related adventures…  He is great on pedal steel guitar – but also vocals and a range of other instruments …  His latest album is Ear to ‘ere – as he notes “ear to ‘ere has been a long, slow train a-comin.  The tracks run all the way from the North Georgia Mountains to the Cambrian Hills of West Wales”.  Other CDs include: 14×7 Hand-picked songs from Georgia; 18th Independence Day sounds and songs of Boogie 2000; 14 x 11 Songs from the South (London) [Bill on Myspace]
  • Femi Iloyi aka Smooflow –  worked with me on the Imfundo team in DFID – but has an amazing other life – his work campaigning against gun-crime and violence in London.  He is half of Royal Priesthood – “the latest and greatest in UK’s underground hip-hop”- they were nominated in the category for best hip-hop artist at the Oasis Awards 2002,  for best hip hop at Hip Hop Awards 2002, and best unsigned act at the Urban Music Awards in  2004 and 2005; in February 2009 he picked up the prize for best short film at the MTV awards [Royal Priesthood on Myspace, on Youtube; profile by Tony Cummings]
  • Roxanne de Bastion – started her music career in Berlin, but moved to the UK in 2006, where as she says, “she’s managed an unrelenting schedule of performing, recording and band-ing. Highlights of her performing career (open air Festivals, rock venues and acoustic showcases) have been London’s The Troubadour, The 100 Club and The legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool”.  She recorded ‘Mono’ her first solo EP at the Zube bunker [Roxanne on Myspace; and on the NME site playing at the Barfly]

Who said my tastes weren’t eclectic?!



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