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Wildlife at Yala, Sri Lanka

A short holiday in Sri Lanka has enabled us to visit the wonderful Yala Nature Reserve covering some 98,000 hectares in the south-east corner of the country.  A seven hour drive from Colombo on Saturday has meant that we can spend a relaxed Sunday exploring the Park, and chilling out by the sea!  Yala is renowned for its elephants, leopards, deer, wild boar, buffalo, crocodiles, monkeys, jackals, sloth bears and some 135 species of birds.  Setting off at six this morning, we saw most of these – apart from the sloth bear!  We were amazingly fortunate to see a leopard keeping a watchful eye on a group of deer drinking from a pond, just too far away for it to pounce on them!

The photos below show just some of the rich diversity of wildlife to be found in this peaceful haven – definitely worth visiting for anyone who is coming to Sri Lanka!

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