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Remote participation at the 2011 WSIS Forum in Geneva

This week’s WSIS Forum is just about to get underway in Geneva.  The organisers have been very eager to ensure that people can participate remotely.  Full details of how to watch and engage in the discussions ‘at a distance’ are copied below:

“The WSIS Forum has a multi-stakeholder character. The WSIS Stakeholders include governments, civil society, private sector and international organizations from all parts of the world. Today, information and communication technologies (ICTs) provide the opportunity for representation and inclusion of all stakeholders in the WSIS Forum by way of remote participation. In order to ensure participation and inclusion of all WSIS Stakeholders, remote participation has been designed as an integral feature of the WSIS Forum 2011.

Building on the success of remote participation facilities initiated at WSIS Forum 2010, the organizers are working towards integrating the most user friendly and widely used tools for encouraging remote participation at WSIS Forum 2011. These easy to participate tools will enable two way communication, allowing the WSIS Stakeholders to participate in the WSIS Forum at their own convenience at the same time, disemminate information about the different sessions and happenings at the Forum.

Components of Remote Participation at WSIS Forum 2011

Remote Participation will be a key feature of the WSIS Forum 2011 and you can follow all sessions via the video webcast (registration not required).
Webcast page: http://www.itu.int/ibs/WSIS/201105forum/index.html.

All Forum sessions will feature live reporting via twitter, as part of the iWrite4WSIS campaign.

Adobe Connect Conference Rooms
If you would like to participate actively in this conference as a remote delegate, you can do so by registering to participate via the Adobe Connect (virtual) conference rooms.   This will allow you to follow the video feed of the conference room, hear what is being discussed (English channel), see presentations and documents, and put questions to panelists via chat.   Each session will have 10-15 minutes for questions from remote delegates.  Participation, as a remote delegate, requires registration. (See registration page)

Short Video: Inside an Adobe Connect Meeting Room

The Adobe Connect Conference Rooms are provided below:

You can login to any of these rooms to have a look around, however they will only be active from Monday, 16 May at 08h45(Geneva time)

See also Frequently Asked Questions for Remote Participants

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