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The Iringa Cage

…overheard in Dar es Salaam, two European professors talking about “The Iringa Cage”…

This is a metal cage somewhere in Iringa, central Tanzania, where European PhD students are sent if they are having difficulty in completing their theses.  The cage is kitted out with a computer and high bandwidth internet connectivity, so that students can access all of the digital resources that they  require.  The students are placed in the cage, and if they want to eat they must produce text!  Every page they write is sent to their supervisor electronically, who then authorises food to be delivered – providing the written work is of sufficient quality.  A minimum of 5 pages must be produced every day, and the cage is floodlit at night until these pages have been completed and authorised.  Only then is the student allowed to sleep.  Students are allowed out of the cage for one day every ten days or 50 pages.

Sounds like an innovative ICT solution to the problem of thesis completion…


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