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Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT in Education initiatives: reflections from WISE

The second WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) summit provided an opportunity for colleagues from Education Impact to host a lively and highly participatory workshop designed to contribute to more effective monitoring and evaluation of ICT in education activities, focusing particularly on developing countries.

It was premised on two assumptions:

  • that there is too little monitoring and evaluation of ICT for education initiatives, and much of what is undertaken is of poor quality; and
  • that it is important to differentiate between monitoring (the process of continuing self-reflection within organisations and individuals aimed at improving their performance) and evaluation (the review of outcomes against targets, often undertaken by external agencies)

The workshop began by identifying the reasons why there is so little effective monitoring

and then why there is so little good and effective evaluation

This was then followed by a discussion of how we can ensure better monitoring

and the things that need to be put in place to ensure better evaluation.

Clicking on the above mind-maps enables them to be viewed at full size!


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