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CHOGM Opening Ceremony

I was privileged to be able to attend the CHOGM Opening Ceremony this morning – and privileged is indeed the right word.  It was amazing, and the team that put it together on behalf of the Australian government should be congratulated.  It was an incredibly moving experience, bringing together many of the traditions that make up contemporary Australia.  What made it work so well was not only the fantastic modern graphics and the use of technology, but also the very human scale of the ceremony.  I know I was not the only one moved to tears when an elder spoke on behalf of the land that we were all sharing; the special space and time that made that moment in the Commonwealth’s history.  The quality of the dancing was superb – I need to take some breakdancing lessons from the true masters who were performing today; the ballet was breathtaking.  My pictures below do not do full justice to the spectacle and the emotion, but I do hope that they give a flavour of what was a memorable experience.  Thank you Australia – and Perth!

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