Books and reports

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My books include:

  • Charters, S., Demossier, M., Dutton, J., Harding, G., Maguire, J., Marks, D. and Unwin, T. (eds) (2022) Routledge Handbook of Wine and Culture, London: Routledge
  • Unwin, T. (2017) Reclaiming ICT4D, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Unwin, T. (ed.) (2009) ICT4D, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Chapter 1 and Index on Amazon)
  • Wagner, D.A., Day, B., James, T., Kozma, R.B., Miller, J. and Unwin, T. (2005), Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT in Education projects: a  Handbook for Developing Countries, Washington DC: infoDev.
  • Spek, T. and Unwin, T. (eds) (2003) European Landscapes: from Mountain to Sea, Tartu: Huma
  • Unwin, T. (ed.) (1998 ) A European Geography, London: Addison Wesley Longman
  • Owen, L. and Unwin, T. (eds) (1997) Environmental Management: Readings and Case Studies, Oxford: Blackwell
  • Unwin, T. (ed.) (1994) Atlas of World Development, Chichester: Wiley
  • Unwin, T. (1992) The Place of Geography, Harlow: Longman
  • Unwin, T. (1991) Wine and the Vine: an Historical Geography of Viticulture and the Wine Trade, London: Routledge
  • Potter, R.B. and Unwin, T. (eds) (1989) The geography of urban-rural interaction in developing countries: essays for Alan B. Mountjoy, London: Routledge (reprinted 1990) ISBN 0-415-00444-6.  Republished in 2018 as Volume 7 of Routledge Library Editions: Urbanization.

Recent reports include

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  1. Hi tim! I want to know where can I get your book “The Place of Geography” in argentina is impossible!!! how must I do? thank you very much I follow your works!!! regards

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