One of the most inspiring and rewarding aspects of my career has been the opportunity to supervise some amazing research students, several of whom managed to complete their theses while juggling the extraordinary difficulties of doing this on a distance-based part-time basis.

Successfully completed PhDs under my supervision include:

  • F. Bayouk (PhD, 1990) Schistosomiasis in south-west Saudi Arabia: distribution and epidemiology
  • R. Black (PhD, 1990) Marginalization and agrarian change in the Serra do Alvão, northern Portugal
  • B. Nash (PhD, 1997) Scandinavian settlement and society in eastern England in the 9th and 10th centuries
  • E. West (PhD, 1998) The Danube River Basin Environmental Programme: an evaluation of Phase 1 using the policy networks approach (Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education; Joint Supervisor Mike Winter)
  • Isabella Chaney (PhD, 1999) The grapevine for New Zealand Wine: a multidimensional analysis of information dissemination (Royal Holloway, School of Management; Joint Supervisor Charles Harvey)
  • Ali Saeidi (PhD, 1999) Sociological obstacles to the development of a market economy in Iran (Royal Holloway, Department of History; Joint Supervisor Vanessa Martin)
  • Diana Vyciute-Latsanovsky (PhD, 2003) Understanding wetland management in Lithuania: the political, economic, social and ideological context
  • Stuart Johnson (PhD, 2004) Rural Estonia a decade after re-independence: post-Soviet transformations and the non-agricultural sector
  • Barbara Silva (PhD, 2005) Palaeoenvironmental evidence of agricultural practices in Peru (Joint supervision with John Lowe and Nick Branch)
  • Abbas Akhoundi (PhD, 2006) Globalization, the Nation-State and National Economic Policy Making: The Attitudes of Iran’s Elites
  • Marije Geldof (PhD, 2010)  Literacy and ICT: social constructions in the lives of low-literate youth in Ethiopia and Malawi
  • David Hollow (PhD, 2010) Evaluating ICT for Education in Africa
  • Charles Howie (PhD 2011) Cooperation and contestation: farmer-state relations in agricultural transformation, An Giang Province, Vietnam
  • Uduak Okon  (PhD 2011)  ICTs and sustainable community development in the Niger Delta Region, Nigeria
  • Salma Abbasi (PhD 2012)  Women and ICT in Muslim Countries: Policies, Practices and Challenges
  • Paolo Brunello  (PhD 2015) Broken premises: towards an intercultural understanding of bilateral co-operation in ICTs for education in Burundi
  • Andrea Burris (PhD 2015) Discourses of Creativity in Shanghai (joint supervision with Katie Willis)
  • Man Xu (PhD 2016) Rethinking regional development and spatial inequality: evidence from county-level China (joint supervision with Klaus Dodds)
  • Fernanda Scur (PhD, 2016) Network Interaction Patterns within Brazilian ICT4D initiatives
  • Márton Kocsev (PhD, 2017) – e-Capacity development: rethinking the linkages between capacity development and ICT promotion in Ethiopia and Egypt (joint supervision with David Simon)
  • Caitlin Bentley (PhD, 2017) Bilateral donors and civil society organisations: technologies for learning and accountability (joint supervision with Katie Willis)

Successfully completed MPhils under my supervision include:

  • David Crespo (MPhil 2011) – Mobile ‘phones and rural health workers in Peru: the potential of m-health in isolated rural areas of Peru (also published in book form by Lambert)
  • Auchariya Yongphrayoon (MPhil 2010) Hedonic price models and GIS for mass land valuation in Thailand
  • Ugo Vallauri (MPhil 2015) ICTs, participatory video and farmer-led agriculture extension services in Machakos District, Kenya


For more information about undertaking doctoral research in the ICT4D Collective, please visit the postgraduate section of, where there is also detailed information on sources of funding for postgraduates interested in ICT4D.

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  1. Josephine Towett

    Do you know of practical Regulatory Impact Assessment(s) in Africa in the ICT field?

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