Recent Papers

Some of my more recent papers and book chapters include the following:

5 responses to “Recent Papers

  1. No matter how wired or connected a rural community is, no matter GSM or CDMA, WiMax or 3G, broadband or dial-ups are in place, without appropriate literacy to maneuver the technology or the contents that it provides…everything becomes valueless! Contents may not necessarily depend on connectivity!

    • unwin

      Thanks – I have mixed views on this! I can (at least) imagine a world where people do not have to have traditional literacy skills to engage with the digital world – voice to text and text to voice enable many interesting solutions for those who cannot read and write!

  2. That voice-to-text or text-to-voice capability will reside in the domain of contents! The entire last decade talked about connectivity only – rarely putting any emphasis on contents or tools that provide knowledge. Your 5C’s do not include the most important C either!

    What I conceived many years ago (back in 2005) was the paradox on connectivity versus utility. The flow of knowledge does not have to wait until rural areas get super fast broadband – static knowledge contents can essentially reside in the PC of a rural community centre. They may be missing the latest stock updates, but they would certainly learn how to take care of their agricultural issues, health problems and so on….

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