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Amazing moon over Virginia Water

Going for a short wander down the garden late last night, I could not help but see the amazing moon – so large and bright! Although I am not an astronomer, and don’t have a telescope with a camera, the sight of the moon behind one of the trees in the garden was so beautiful that I just had to photograph the view – and of course the moon itself!  It’s the first time I have ever taken a photo’ that so clearly shows the craters on the moon (click on the image for a larger version!).

I discovered this morning that this phenomenon is know as a “perigee supermoon”, and it occurs as a result of the elliptical orbit of the moon around the earth.  Apparently, there are going to be five such moons in 2014, with the next being on 10th August!

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Full moon over Virginia Water

Sitting out last night it was amazing seeing the nearly full moon rise in the sky.  It was easy to understand how powerfully our prehistoric ancestors felt about the sun, moon and stars!  This picture does not quite do it justice.  In reality, the colour was much redder, and indeed brighter!

Moon over VW

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Rats in Virginia Water

Walking home from the station today, I have to admit to being a little surprised by seeing a rat on the path!  A rat in leafy Virginia Water! A rat not so far from the Wentworth golf club.  The irony was striking.

It was amazing – just sitting there, oblivious to the trains passing by a few yards away, and the car park just nearby. Sadly it scuttled off into the undergrowth before I could get close enough for a better photograph.

I have to say I prefer the deer amongst our local wildlife – even if they do eat the roses and vegetables.  Should rats be seen as pests?  If only hedgehogs were as common as rats perhaps we would have fewer slugs!

It’s amusing to see other mentions of rats in Virginia Water and Wentworth:

  • The Sun recently referred to Peter Crouch (the footballer) in the following terms “Abbey Clancy will forgive love rat fiancé Peter Crouch”, noting on 12th August 2010 that “Crouch looked teed off yesterday during a round of golf at the posh Wentworth course in Virginia Water, Surrey”

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… and then the sun came out, Virginia Water, 7th January 2010

Following yesterday’s immense snowfall and dark skies, we awoke this morning to a gorgeous sunrise and freezing conditions.  Yes, the boiler stopped working again, but what does that matter when the weather takes its part in painting England at its best! Below is a selection of photographs of the scenery in Virginia Water, especially in the woodland surrounding the Wentworth golf course.  Enjoy!

For larger versions, just click on the images.

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Snow in Virginia Water, 6th January 2010

Many parts of the world are deep in snow with temperatures well below freezing – Moscow is predicted to have a maximum temperature of -14o C today.  Our weather in the UK palls in comparison!  However, last night saw some of the heaviest snowfalls in southern England for many a year, which somehow creates a sense of exhilaration. Minor roads across the region have not been cleared, leading to many an ‘incident’ with cars sliding all over the place, and not being able to get up even relatively slight inclines.  Early this morning, attempts to help push drivers stuck on the hill outside our house proved surprisingly futile!  Some young people nevertheless managed to ‘enjoy’ themselves, throwing snowballs at passengers waiting to get on to the few trains that were running!  I know that this amount of snow is unusual, but Surrey County Council has done a really bad job of keeping local roads ice and snow free this winter.  To be sure, the weather has been extreme, and main roads should take priority, but in the last 20 years the local roads in north-west Surrey have never been as dangerous as they have been this year.

So, please enjoy these images from Virginia Water: snowing last night; at least 6″ of snow in the garden; the postmen had some fun at their depot; local rail bridge, not flooded for a change; Siam restaurant in the snow – a long way from Thailand; well done to South West Trains actually getting some trains to run; Wellington Avenue abandoned cars; the railway line; more abandoned cars; trees in the snow; Trumps Green Road trees; Trumps Green Road shops; and the car park by Station Parade.

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